Welcome to the Rando Art Gallery

I would like to introduce myself by telling you a little about my life. I grew up in San Diego, California; it was a fun in the sun lifestyle, surfing, golf, tennis and cycling were my passions.

Surfing brought me to the Hawaiian Islands, where I married and had 3 beautiful children; Cierra, Colton and Chloe (all three are great artists). Getting home sick for the mainland, we moved to Phoenix, Arizona. A short time later I found myself in the Hospital as a victim of a violent crime. The recovery process took several months, and I started painting and painting. "WHAM" it hit me ...painting had become my passion.

Life is great now; I live in Fargo, North Dakota and love it!     Please browse my Paintings and feel free to contact me.




About my Art

My paintings reflect my love for movement of color. I have had no formal art training, to this point I feel free to express myself without worrying about painting technically right.

I work in 3 main media's: Canvas, Plexiglas, and Board.

With my canvas I make all my own gallery wrapped style frames, the frames stand 1 1/2 inches off the wall and the sides are painted. For me I like the process, as I am thinking about the painting I  get to customize the size of the work from the start.

With Plexiglas, the painting process is very different. I work from the back and show the front. I frame the Plexiglas with a basic black frame painted with enamel paint.

As for painting on board, I use either masonite or mahogany veneer. The board paintings are offered framed or unframed.

The basic black frame is offered by my studio for no extra cost. One other option, the painting can have a customized frame by my local framing shop, Underbrush Gallery.

All three mediums a offered for commissioned paintings.



Commissions are Welcome

To get your commission started I would prefer a consultation by phone or face to face. I feel only through conversation can I connect with your vision for your special painting.

Through the conversations we will discus the subject, colors, size, and the overall feel of the painting. Commission work will be priced slightly higher, expect a 25% higher price than comparable paintings in the same media. All three media's are offered for commissions; Canvas, Plexiglas and board.






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